Blog #1 - Three Things To Make Finding a Child a Little Easier - Our First Post!

Blog #1 - Three Things To Make Finding a Child a Little Easier - Our First Post!

Hello everyone, and thank you for checking out our Blog! We at SafeTee Clothing have one goal in mind, and that is to provide as much peace of mind to parents as we can in this hectic world.

When we welcomed our son, we knew that he had completed our family and he would be our only child. It not only welcomed some of the greatest feelings we ever experienced, but it also brought with it some of the scariest fears. Ask any parent what their top fears are, and I would bet that anything happening to their child either tops the list, or is top 3 at the very least.

Being the planners that we are, we started thinking of all the ways to make sure our little guy was safe and grows up happy. We are very lucky in the sense that we have not only a large family, but a large social circle of friends who all have young children. We wanted to take as many ideas and put them in a list for anyone who is looking to expand their safety plans, or might be expecting and is doing some research on what comes with a kid!

For today's post, we will focus on one of the most stressful events a parent can face. Going out somewhere with large crowds! The introvert in my shutters just thinking of the concept, let alone having to make sure a child is safe. The real stressful part though is balancing their emotions. You don't want to keep them in a bubble and not enjoy themselves, but you also don't want to give them free reign to go or do whatever they want without supervision. When you find that fine line of what you're comfortable with, there's a few things that can help make things a little easier.

1) Take a picture before you leave the house:  This will provide you with the most up to date photo of your kid or kids. In the case you need to show someone, you have the most recent hairstyle, clothes, everything that your kid will have, and gives people an idea of what to look for. If you want to do multiple angles you can, and it's an easy activity to make fun by saying something like "let’s take some photos before whatever event or location" you are going to. This also keeps the image readily available for the next tip that you hopefully never have to use.

2) Call out your child's description, not their name:  In the event that you lose track of your child, and you’re at a sporting event, an amusement park, anywhere that has a very large crowd, calling your child's name won't be super effective. People won't know who Jessica or Timothy are, but if you start calling out "Small child, 3 years old, blue shirt, gray shorts, straight brown hair", this gives people something to visually seek out. A bystander will be more likely to identify a 3 year old wearing a blue shirt and gray shorts and point to them out to you, than they will be able to point to a Jessica or Timothy. This was shared with us by a close friend, and it's something that we would have never thought about. The fear and panic that takes over would normally lead people to just call out the child's name, but this would be more effective and not something that is top of mind. That is why we wanted to share!

3) Dress children in bright clothing:  If you're going to be attending an event with a large crowd, you'll want to be able to easily spot your kids. An easy way to do this is by putting them into bright colored clothes that might help them stick out. The bright colors will also help grab your attention if you see that color going off into an area they shouldn't or the scarier scenario, with someone they shouldn't.

As mentioned before, there is a fine line between letting your kids enjoy things and giving yourself a panic attack. That is where we believe our SafeTee Clothing Shirts can help! With the sewn pocket that has a velcro top, it allows you to place the tracking device of your choice in their shirt. The pocket is big enough that it will conceal almost every popular tracking device, and is located in a spot that children won't be interfered/distracted by it.

Our SafeTee Shirts offer an added layer of protection and more peace of mind, that can buy a parent a very crucial few minutes. If you notice your child is missing and not responding to their name being called, you can quickly pull out your phone and pull up your tracking device software. Whether it is satellite directed, or pings off other phones in the area, it will give you an idea of where your child is within a large crowd or space.

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