About Us

Our names are Eric and Brianna and we are parents to a very rambunctious 3 year old named AJ. We thought of this idea after celebrating our son's 3rd birthday at a popular kids amusement park with his friends. At one point during the birthday party, in the chaos of the jungle gym, we noticed AJ lost. After a brief panic, we found he snuck off with one of his friends to another area.

At that point we knew we needed something to help prevent that dreadful feeling of panic and uncertainty. We wanted something that provide us peace of mind, regardless of what we were doing as a family. And we knew we wanted something that would be comfortable for AJ. Since we could not locate a product like this to purchase, we decided to make it, and that’s when SafeTee Clothing was born!

With SafeTee Clothing, keep track of what is most precious to you. Easily place your favorite tracking location device inside of SafeTee's concealed pocket. With one of our shirts, you can in tandem pull up your favorite tracking app, and get a sense of the location your child. This provides you with valuable information, and most importantly, no lost time.

Simply put, we are parents who wanted to find an easy and safe way to get some peace of mind when taking our little one out somewhere. And with our SafeTee Clothing, we think every parent can do the same!

- Eric and Brianna

How Does It Work?

Simplicity is best! SafeTee Shirt's pocket provides a safe and secure place for you to put your tracker of choice. The pocket was created with flexibility in mind, as it is big enough to hold almost all of the most popular tracking devices on the market today, and small enough where children won't be distracted by it.

By simply placing a tracking device in the pocket, you will have the added peace of mind that you know where your little one is. Perfect for families on the go. Whether they are going on a class trip, going to the park, or you’re bringing them to a crowded event, our shirt make it easy to keep track of your child in case they run off!

Our shirts add a few minutes of invaluable time in the event of a worst nightmare scenario, if your child gets lost. With the tracker being concealed inside your child’s shirt, it won’t be as noticeable as something visible such as a bracelet or necklace that can be something that can be immediately pulled off. SafeTee shirt gives parents those precious minutes they need to see where your child is, and helps to get them back into the safety of your arms.

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